This is so awesome!!!

So there is a shopping app called poshmark where you can buy and sell clothes ! If you sign up with the code below you will get 5 bucks just for signing up (no bank info nothing) its as easy as signing up for tumblr .. I can only give 8 more five dollar credits so you have to hurry … This isn’t a gimmick its a great reputable site and when you sign up make sure to follow me and check out my closet full of clothes for sale :))))

We’re all shopping closets together on Poshmark. I want you to join! Get $5 credit with code: BCANX.
captainalexturner asked:
Hey I saw you liked my post about the Morganville books, I've just started the second one and oh my god, now the key question is Shane or Michael, who do you prefer?, it's Shane for me

Hahaha Shane all the way! Glad you like the books!